Xinxiang Qingqing Technology Limited Company
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3YRSXinxiang Qingqing Technology Limited Company

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Xinxiang Qingqing technology co., ltd is a professional eyewear chain company. The main products include sunglasses, beauty contact lenses, glasses frame, children glasses and reading glasses. With more than 10 years glasses field working experience, we not only have the advantage of research and development on glasses, but also rich visual optics technician. Quality is what we most treasure, and we reall hope we can have the very long term cooperation with our each customers!
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Henan, China
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5 - 10 People
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Below US$1 Million
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Below 1,000 square meters
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No.1220, Jingye Gongyuan Internatonal Mansion, The Crossing of Xiner Street and JInsui Avenue, Hongqi District, Xinxiang City, Henan Province, China

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Less than 5 People